Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Ryan Marketing Solutions and an ad agency?

The difference between Ryan Marketing Solutions and an ad agency is the fact you get a bespoke customised service tailored to your specific needs. We can be an extension of your company and can be involved in the planning and strategy of your marketing initiatives, but also the design, build, implementation, and follow up management (if required).

How much do you charge for an initial discussion?

Nothing – feel free to call or email us, or fill out the form above, and we can have an initial discussion at no charge.

What if I just have a specific marketing project - can you help me with that?

Yes we can – we are flexible! We can work with you on many different levels, whether you just need guidance or consultancy, help with overall strategy creation and implementation, just one specific marketing project, or whether you need a series of projects.

What are the benefits of coming to Ryan Marketing Solutions with my marketing?

When you come to Ryan Marketing Solutions, you gain access to highly experienced and skilled marketing professionals, without the ongoing related expense. We are flexible, and have the ability to scale up or down to meet your needs. You also gain an outside perspective which will lead to fresh ideas and insights.

How much does it cost to use the services of Ryan Marketing Solutions?

The cost of Ryan Marketing Solutions really depends on your needs and the level of services you require. You may need help with one specific project, or you may need ongoing marketing or consultancy. We invite you to have an initial exploratory discussion at no charge, to learn more.

What industries or sectors does Ryan Marketing Solutions create marketing strategies for?

Ryan Marketing Solutions works primarily with start-ups and SME’s across many industries, including Health, Fitness, Agriculture, Retail and Hospitality and more.

What size of companies does Ryan Marketing Solutions work with?

We will work with any size company but we typically work with small and mid-sized businesses who:

  • Don’t have a senior level marketer on staff
  • Are looking for alternatives to full time employees for overall expense reductions
  • Need help on a audit of current marketing practices, strategy development, and guidance and accountability with implementation of marketing strategies,
  • Need help on a specific project while working hand in hand with their current marketing staff.

Why should a small business work with a marketing coach or mentor?

Most small business owners have a lot of responsibilities. Their expertise may lie in finance, technology, sales or operations. Some may have actual marketing experience. However when it comes to marketing your small business online, the complexities may be too much to handle with all the other responsibilities.

Having a marketing coach or mentor can guide you in the right direction. As a partner in your success, they can:

  • Help you create your marketing strategy with an outside view of the plan;
  • Direct you towards working on the right things right now;
  • Hold you accountable for making marketing a priority;
  • Help you navigate the ever-changing complexities of the digital marketing world;
  • Give an outside perspective;
  • Provide up to date details around current trends and technologies;
  • Be a direct contact for you to ask questions.

How do I know if I need coaching, consulting, or both?

Many businesses will need both marketing coaching and consulting at times. For daily execution, coaching can help you stay focused on getting results. For larger projects, such as website development or pay per click advertising, you may be better off engaging an expert to do the work and deliver results.

What services does Ryan Marketing Solutions offer?

We offer integrated marketing services including overall Marketing Strategy Creation, Marketing Coaching & Consultancy, Digital Marketing & SEO Audits, Social Media Management, SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, and Data Analysis. We offer flexible marketing packages for every business need. We can focus on any one of our services as a stand-alone service, for example, Consultancy or Social Media, or do a combination of many.

What is Ryan Marketing Solutions new client process?

Step 1:
We arrange a call to scope out your requirements and understand if we can help.

Step 2:
Catherine, our Founder & Director, will arrange a face-to-face meeting, video conference or call (depending on location) to further discuss working together.

Step 3:
We deliver a proposal, deliverables, next steps & costs.

Step 4:
You decide if you want to go ahead.

Step 5:
We draw up the contracts which are signed by both parties.

Step 6:
Project kick-off meeting.