Did you know that using Call to Action (CTAs) to your Facebook business page posts can increase click-through rate (CTR) by a staggering 285%? Or that emails with a single call-to-action increased clicks with 371% and sales with 1617%?

A CTA can be presented in different configurations. It can be text on a button, simple text with no links or a text or image hyperlink (link from a text to web address).

Let’s just say that you have built your business website, brand social media channels and you have started posting images, videos offers, about your business. Most of times businesses expected customer engagement won’t be met.

 There are various reasons for this such as: consistency, posting time of the day, irregularity patterns (posting once in a while).

Sometimes, this is happening because your posts, ads do not contain any calls to action or a poor written CTA. A Call to action is necessary as you’ll give your brand, business audience (customers) a clear message of what to do after seeing your social media post or advertising.

Do you want them to click and read your website blog post? Or perhaps you want them download a brochure, e-book or a request demo?

It is very important to let your target audience (customers) know exactly (they won’t engage if there’s something valuable for them) what the next step should be.

Before writing a Call to Action is necessary to know exactly the objective of your website blog or social media posts.

Below I am going to list 10 useful CTA prompts that will help increase your audience engagement and business awareness. It is essential for every digital marketer to be in sync with customer thoughts and anticipate their reaction when seeing the post.

1. Give away time. Enter to win, Free Gift …..

Customers like to be incentivised in any way shape or form. As long there’s something FREE for them to get, they’ll engage with your post. All of these words, phrases encourage customers to take action and engage with your post. If the offer seems good for them there the possibility to share it with their friends too. This way you not only get an extra customer but you’ll grow brand reach, awareness too. This is the most important step in the sales funnel. Without it the other (interest, consideration, conversion, retention) don’t exists. 

2. 50% Off – Buy Now

This in an excellent way of making a sale (conversion) of your business product or service. Existing customers will feel pampered and prospects won’t miss this opportunity.

3. Limited Time Offer

Create a sense of urgency using words, text like “now, in the next 12 hours, today, only this weekend”. Nothing will get customers more engaging than realising that they’ll miss out an offer or promotion. 

4. Free Download

Anything that’s free gives your business customers an impulse to act. Whether is a webinar, podcast, ebook, template, checklist or any other useful content will make your customers build trust of your brand.

5. Subscribe

If you’re planning to use this Call To Action on your website, mobile App, you need to make sure that your customers, audience know what’s in it for them, and why they should subscribe to your newsletter.

Remember customers don’t like to receive or click on unwanted emails. Be specific about why you sending them the newsletter and what this includes. If they know that there will be valuable information, offers, discount codes, they will more prone to subscribe. 

6. Ask a Question…..

That’s a great technique to open up communication and engage with your customers. In time this will lead to brand, business trust, loyalty and brand recognition amongst your customers (This is what you’re aiming for, don’t you?) 

7. Join Us Now, Over 1500 people like you have signed up

Especially useful for sports clubs, fitness & gym businesses. Is imperative, essential to create a sense of community around your brand. Showcase your business strengths (can’t show weaknesses) using terms like: satisfied customers, proven results, risk free, measurable growth, etc. 

8. Find everything you need in one place

This CTA spotlights your business capability of offering all products or services a customer needs in one place. Ideal for small and medium sized businesses.

9. Exercise from the comfort of your won home 

Useful for fitness businesses or gym clubs. It highlights the enjoyment, comfort that comes with exercising remotely, which can appeal to customers looking for these services.

10. Claim your exclusive deal now! 

This CTA can be used literally by any business regardless of its niche. It will make existing and potential customers feel special and privileged. They will perceive your business as something special and are very likely to engage with your blog or social media post.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are a multitude of CTAs that you can create and add to your website blog or social media posts. They can be customised in different colours (red, yellow, orange), added to images, buttons to improve CTR, etc. They are every social media marketer secret weapon.

Those are extremely useful if you’re looking to increase website traffic, conversions, leads, or sales. In addition CTAs provide huge benefits to your social media posts and ads.

Developing a successful Call to Action (CTA) necessitates understanding of what actually works in digital marketing, A/B testing, and a desire to experiment with all the new methods (open to newFor outstanding calls to action you have to get creative. Think of what your business offers and try to come up with CTAs that will entice the customer attention (put yourself in customer shoes).

Tip! Try to use ONLY a call to action per post.

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