Awarded Boutique Marketing Consultancy Firm of the Year

Awarded Boutique Marketing Consultancy Firm of the Year

Top Social Media Coach | Ryan Marketing Solutions | Ireland

Second Year In A Row 🥳

We are so grateful to be awarded again with “Boutique Marketing Consultancy of the Year Award” in the CorporateLiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards for 2023 ❤️

As always it not about winning awards for us here at Ryan Marketing Solutions, it is about offering the best services to our clients and ensuring we are solving their problems & building their brands 🤩

To our clients you are the ones that allow this to happen – thank you so much for continuing to choose us 🚀

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Awarded Top Social Media Coach

Awarded Top Social Media Coach

Top Social Media Coach | Ryan Marketing Solutions | Ireland

Catherine has earned the distinction of being selected as a top Social Media Coach by”

Less than 1 out of 25 of the coaches they consider get shortlisted and Catherine is part of the elite few who did.

This means Catherine will be featured on CoachFoundation which has an annual audience of over 800,000 and has been featured in reputed publications like Forbes, ThriveGlobal, Vice, and many others

Catherine’s approach to coaching is very bespoke and very personalised! No one client will get the same experience. Same foundations will be used, but the approach to coaching will vary depending on clients needs and skills. In the end, clients will reach  their goals & full potential! 

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Winners of Most Innovative Strategic Marketing Agency 2023

Winners of Most Innovative Strategic Marketing Agency 2023

Irish Enterprise Awards 2023 | Most Strategic Innovated Marketing agency
We are absolutely thrilled to have won Most Innovative Strategic Marketing Agency 2023 in the Irish Enterprise Awards by EU Business News! 
This is the second year in a row that we have won an award from them, which we are absolutely delighted about. Over 2 years ago Ryan Marketing Solutions was born and we can’t wait to continue to solve businesses prpblems and build their brands for 2023! 
We don’t just offer your typical marketing services, but very bespoke services to ensure you reach your goals and full potential with tailored expertise. 

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Difference Between A Marketing Coach & Marketing Consultant

Difference Between A Marketing Coach & Marketing Consultant

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By implementing a strategic marketing plan, you will boost your business, increase your income, and get your name out there. It is possible to hire either a marketing coach or a marketing consultant if you do not have any knowledge of the inner workings of the marketing industry. This will assist you in creating and implementing your marketing strategy and plan. Your business will benefit differently from a marketing coach compared to a marketing consultant.

Both a marketing coach and marketing consultant can assist you grow your business. Both are able to help you understand marketing and develop a personalised plan of attack that is tailored to your type of business. They both can build a marketing plan, launch the plan and help you maintain it. This will allow you to bring in more business or increase sales.

With this been said their is style differences between the two! 

Marketing Coach or Marketing Consultant

A marketing coach is someone who helps businesses develop their brand identity, while a marketing consultant is someone who provides advice about how to market a business.

A marketing coach focuses on helping companies understand what makes them unique and differentiates them from competitors. A marketing consultant focuses on providing solutions to problems that may arise when trying to promote a company’s products or services.

Marketing coaches work closely with clients to help them create a strategy that best fits their goals and objectives. Marketing consultants provide guidance and direction to clients based on their experience and expertise.

Deciding Who to Choose

Both a coach and a consultant are focused on helping you solve problems in your business. The difference is in their approach. A coach takes the approach of improving you as the leader of your business or marketing department and is likely a better fit if you need help in an area that you will be overseeing in the long run. Whereas, a consultant takes a more specialised hands-on approach, providing specific solutions for your problems or challenges. 

A marketing coach is an ideal situation if you only need guidance. Marketing coaches may cost less than consultants, since a coach spends less time working with you, but you will need to do the work yourself, which can mean paying a marketing team in-house. If you do not have the time to invest into doing your own marketing, a marketing consultant may work better for you. Since the marketing consultant does more of the actual work it may cost more, but will free up your time for other businesss

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    Finalist for eCommerce Small Agency/Consultant Of The Year

    Finalist for eCommerce Small Agency/Consultant Of The Year

    Instagram Strategy | Ryan Marketing Solutions | Ireland

    We are delighted to be a finalist in the Irish eCommerce Awards in the eCommerce Small Agency/Consultant Of The Year category! 

    The Irish eCommerce Awards is the sister event of eComm Live, Ireland’s leading eCommerce conference. The Awards recognise and reward the organisations, teams and individuals who are helping shape the thriving internet retail industry across the island of Ireland.

    Looking forward to meeting all other nominees winners at the gala awards ceremony in The Round Room at The Mansion House, Dublin on Friday 23 September 2022

    “It is amazing to get this nomination and wish all other nominees the very best of luck” – Catherine, CEO/Founder


    What Is A Marketing Coach and Do You Need One?

    What Is A Marketing Coach and Do You Need One?

    Marketing Coach | Ryan Marketing Solutions | Tipperary

    If your business is not growing, it’s dying, there’s no middle ground. The world is quickly passing by those that are standing and perhaps satisfied with simply getting by your business growth is fuelled by marketing.

    Not every business is in a position to hire someone else to handle their marketing. Most businesses have to do some or all the marketing themselves. The problem is most business owners are not marketers by trade and they have limited knowledge of how to structure & implement a marketing plan. This is where a marketing coach comes in to help. 

    What is a marketing coach? 

    A marketing coach is an expert consultant who works closely with business owners to help you build your own marketing capabilities. With their help you can more easily identify challenges and build a fully systemized approach to marketing.

    This coach has years of experience generally marketing high-growth businesses. Their job is to understand your business values, mission, and goals, and to advise strategies for success. 

    Five signs that you may actually need a marketing coach in 2022


    There is a lot of noise out there so having a marketing coach that has seen what works has actually implemented those strategies themselves they’re able to see what’s going to be the best move for your business. They’re going to be able to really narrow down that ROI and be able to tell you this is the right next step for your business and then hand hold you through that process, so that you don’t have to learn from the mistakes that others have made before you. Allow those marketing coaches that have made those mistakes before be able to guide you through that seamlessly.


     This because they’ve tried all the things and they just don’t know what’s working. This is different from the person who doesn’t know what the next right step is. There is definitely people out there that will try all the things and then maybe have a successful launch or quarter or maybe not and then they look back and they really don’t know what to attribute that. They are also people out there that are doing more than they probably need to and so being able to kind of look at all of those tactics that you’re doing and then be able to eliminate the ones that really aren’t going to be helpful for your business can really be valuable to the time that you’re spending on your own marketing. Therefore,  if you’re doing 10 things a week let’s narrow it down to the really the three or four that are moving the needle the most and maybe that’s really all you need to be doing. This can be extremely beneficial in giving you time back in your day


    Many of us will assume that we know what our customer is and as we get more customers then we can really fine-tune that down. You are think questioning where are those people hanging out online, where are they spending their time, so that I can then leverage those places and those opportunities to make them good marketing opportunities for me. Therefore, sometimes this can be getting a little creative and not just looking at your demographic and find which magazine it fits. This may work for some but for others a marketing coach is looking for a better ROI, more targeted and better analytics.. This will allow you to really see what’s working and what may need to be tweak. So that can come along with some creativity to make sure that you’re reaching those ideal customers


    So let’s say you’re using Facebook Ads, cold calling, digital marketing, and all of that. If it’s working for you, then great. But think about it. Implementing tactics without a solid strategy leads to the “bright shiny object syndrome,” which keeps you chasing the wrong things. You need a strategy, which is the big-picture planning you do prior to the tactics. So instead of doing random acts of marketing, having a solid marketing plan that fulfils your goals and objectives.


    There are several business owners that I work with that quite frankly they’re just not ready to go to the next step, so they can only reach and achieve a certain amount before they really need to employ somebody that does marketing day in and day out.

    That’s when a marketing coach comes in handy, so if this is something that you think you would be interested in exploring kind of how a marketing coach can help you?

    Final Thoughts

    A lot like any other coach, a marketing coach is a guy that can put you on the path to achieve optimal results. A marketing coach can eliminate the guessing game that is not working for you. They will take the time to help you understand how marketing works and get you focused on the activities that really matter.

    A marketing coaching is not just for busy business owners. It’s also perfect for people just starting their businesses with no marketing experience at all or for larger companies with in-house marketing personnel who need help realigning their marketing strategy & outlining actionable marketing activities. It’s perfect for someone who needs a structured plan to follow and a person to hold them accountable to getting it all done 

    Some  false assumptions:

    • First, you can’t simplify coaching as a tool. 
    • Second, coaching is not only for failing businesses; it helps the good become the best.  
    • And third, coaching doesn’t provide band-aid solutions.

    Do you need help to get off the ground? Are you trying to upscale your business? No matter what your definition of success is, a marketing coach will help you make that happen

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