Importance of PR for your Business

Importance of PR for your Business

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Catherine recently heard a great presentation by Christine Tobin of Solas Media Solutions on her top 10 tips to building relationships with journalists and managing your PR, at the October South Tipp Women In Business meeting! 

Public relations (PR) helps to tell your story, distinguish you from the competition, and provide a stream of ideas for the media who are always on the hunt for content that speaks to their audiences 

The most important aspect of PR is trust. It helps you to build trust within your community – using methods and strategies that develop and spread your values, ideas, and innovations 

A company will go a long way with PR as its backbone. As the public confidence in your brand stands the test of time, your business’ PR efforts create a lasting story about your business, personnel, services, products, and customer base. From this angle, public relations should be a mainstay in your marketing, not just a luxury when more sales are needed or crises emerge.

Ryan Marketing Solutions takes the guesswork and stress out of marketing for a wide variety of clients big and small. From leveraging media relationships to developing PR campaigns, we are known for its high-quality standards and helping companies stand out from the competition. 

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